Value2Money Advisors Private Limited


Value 2 Money Financial Planning Service includes:

Risk Profiling

Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

Creation and Accumulation of Wealth through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

Regular review of progress and Portfolio Rebalancing
Essentially, Investment Planning involves identifying your financial goals throughout your life, and prioritising them. Investment Planning is important because it helps you to derive the maximum benefit from your investments.

Investment Planning - Investment means putting your money to work to earn more money. Done wisely, it can help you meet your financial goals like buying a new house, paying for college education of your children, of your enjoying a comfortable retirement, or whatever is important to you.
You do not have to be wealthy to be an investor. Investing even a small amount can produce considerable rewards over the long-term, especially if you do it regularly. But you need to decide about how much you want to invest and where . To choose wisely, you need to know the investment options thoroughly and their relative risk exposures.

Who needs Investment Planning ?
Investment planning is necessary for every one who wishes to achieve any financial goal. You have to plan your limited resources to avail the maximum benefit out of them. You should plan your investments to fulfill major needs like:

Creating wealth over the long term

Acquiring assets like a dream house or a dream car

Fulfulling your need for financial security